Shows 2019 Messi

C.I.B DK UCH NORD UCH VDH CH NORD JV-11 HSD-15 BS-15 NORD V-18 & -19 NORD VV-18-19 NO VV-18 & 19 SE V -19 SE VV-18 & -19
Flamencoton Cloud Nine

2019 års resultat:

Utställningar Sverige/Shows Sweden 
      BIR/BOB x 4, BIM/BOS x 1
BIR/BOB Veteran x 2, BIM/BOS Veteran x
      BIS 4 Veteran
Svensk Vinnare-19
Svensk Veteranvinnare-19

Nordisk Vinnare - 19

Nordisk Veteranvinnare - 19

Bästa utställningshane 2019 Coton de Tuléar Club

Stockholm Hundmässa 14 december 2019

Nordic Winner 2019 - The biggest show in Sweden this year!

BIR/BOB, BEST VETERAN; Nordic CAC, Nordic Winner 2019 & Nordic Veteran Winner 2019 🏆

Judge Luis Teixeira Pinto Portugal

Judge critics: Quite good proportions. Correct mouth. Well shaped eyes. A little bit short in muzzle. Good set of ears. Normal front. Good topline. Good texture of the coat. Moves well.

SDHK National Show Timrå 13 oktober

Domare Aisling Connolly Irland

Bhkl 2 BIM Veteran

Judge critic: Lovely head & expression. Niced shaped Eye, correct earplacement, good neck, correct topline, nice coat texture. In Lovely condition for a veteran.

Västernorrlands KK National Show 12 oktober

Domare Ann Ingram Irland

Bhkl 3 BIR Veteran

Judge critic: Well presented male with good coat texture, well balanced head, could have a slightly darker eyes and a little more reach of neck, good body propotions, correct topline and tailset, moves very well with very nice attitude!

Högbo Nordic Dog Show 8 September

Domare Carina Andersson Rapp

Bhkl 2 BIR Veteran

Högbo SDHK Show 7 September

Domare Guenther Ehrenreich Austria

Bhkl 3 BIM Veteran

Judge critic: 9 years old in fantastic condition, exellent lines andangulations, enough wide chest, correct bones, beautiful head with excellent expression, super pigmentation with brown eyes, excellent coat quallity, nice movement, nice presentation!

Luleå SDHK Show 18 augusti

Domare Monika Vikner Stafberg

Bhkl 2 BIR Veteran BIS 3 Veteran

Överkalix National Show 17 augusti

Domare Charlotte Höijer Danmark

BIM och Bästa Veteran

Svenstavik Nordic Dog Show 3 augusti

Domare / Judge Erin Brown Australia

Bhkl 2 BIM Veteran R-Nordic CAC

Västerås Nordic Show 21 juli

Bhkl 3 BIM Veteran

Domare / Judge Elisabetta De Luca

Västerås SDHK Show 20 juli

Domare/Judge Eva Liljekvist Borg

BIR och BIM Veteran

Swedish Winner 21 april

International Show Sundsvall

Domare/Judge Nina Karlsdotter

BIR/BOB - Svensk Vinnare/Swedish Winner!
BIR/BOB Veteran - Svensk Veteranvinnare/Swedish Veteran Winner!

Timrå SDHK Show 20 april

Domare Samuel Carlid
BIR/BOB Veteran BIS Veteran 4