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C.I.B, DK UCH, NORD UCH, VDH CH, NORD JV-11, HSD-15, BS-15, NORD V-18 & -19, NORD VV-18, NO VV-18 & 19, SE V -19, SE VV-18 & -19, CZ Veteran CH, WVW-21
Flamencoton Cloud Nine

2022 års resultat

Utställningar Sverige

BIM x 1

BIR Veteran x 1

BISVeteran 2 x 1

BIMBIS 3 x 1

SDHK Nationella utställning Eskilstuna 2022-07-02

Domare Carole Garhoefer från Österrike

BIR, Bästa Veteran

Domarkritik: Masculine very nice type, very harmonious, lovely strong masculine head, excellent topline and tailset, very good chest, good angulations, very good coat, very good typical movement. 

SDHK Nationella utställning i Vännäs 19 juni

Judge Jussi Liimatainen, Finland

BIM, BIR Veteran, BIS  Veteran, BIM BIS 3

Finaldomare Jussi Liimatainen, Finland

Domarkritik: Excellent condition for the age, bit tall but excellent type, beautiful head and expression, excellent topline, correct front, body could be a bit deeper, well angulated but narrow rear, ideal tailcarriage, excellent sidemovement.

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